Pre/Post Natal Care

Pregnant woman

Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to significantly reduce the length of time a woman labors and decrease back labor. First time moms average 24 percent shorter labor, while mothers who have already given birth experienced a 39 percent reduction in the average labor length, compared to controls. There is a chiropractic technique that is widely used and very effective. It is called the Webster Technique. It involves assessing and correcting any misalignment (subluxations) in the pelvic and low back area. This helps to keep the bones in proper alignment, which in turn allows the ligaments and muscles which support the uterus to be relaxed. Twisting and tension on the uterus makes it difficult for the baby to get in the proper position. Correcting the misalignment allows for the optimal uterine position and a more favorable fetal position. Regular Chiropractic adjustments can safely continue up until the time of birth.

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