Conservative Foot Care

Foot Chiropractic Care

Dr. Bob has been specializing in treating the foot and foot related problems for over 22 years without drugs or surgery. He utilizes chiropractic adjustments, vibrational therapy, massage, cold laser therapy and kinesio tape. He also uses the Footmaxx Metascan system to perform a Dynamic Gait Analysis to assess the patient's foot biomechanics. This allows him to capture images of the feet while walking or running. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment of any foot problems that are occurring through your normal gait. Custom-made orthotics can be made from the measurements taken by the Metascan. Even if your visit to the clinic does not involve foot pain, the pain you feel may be caused or made worse by instabilities in your foundation. Just like in a building, if the foundation has a crack, it affects everything from the ground up like your ankles,. Knees, hips, back and neck. By properly supporting the feet, your foundation, the feet can maintain their struck all and functional balance as you stand, walk or run. Custom orthotics give you the stability you need to reduce stress and strain on your joints which can lead to less pain.


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