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Dr. Robert Nielsen

Dr. Robert Nielsen, DC, MSW, CKPT

Dr. Nielsen (Dr. Bob) was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Utah and later with a Masters of Social Work from that same institution. He financed his college education working in the construction trades. He worked as a Clinical Social Worker/psychotherapist for over 12 years. He took a break from the healing profession and started his own construction company (Bricks by Bob) specializing in historical chimney and fireplace repair. After about 5 years of running his company, he developed an interest in Chiropractic. He moved to Los Angeles to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College graduating Cum Laude in 1993. While at Cleveland he met and married Treeka Sullivan, a fellow student, and together they had a son, Shawn. After graduation, they moved to Anchorage, Alaska; fulfilling his lifelong dream. In 1995 Dr. Nielsen and Dr. Sullivan started Alaska Healing Arts Chiropractic. Dr. Nielsen has postgraduate training in and provides conservative foot care and prescription orthotics, and also does wellness and lifestyle counseling. Dr. Bob is also a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner.

Dr. Treeka Sullivan

Dr. Treeka Sullivan, DC, FICPA

Dr. Treeka was born in Michigan and moved to California while she was still a child. She always had an interest in supporting people’s health with a healing touch. At 17, she became a massage therapist and had the opportunity to work with many famous people in the music and film industry. As a massage therapist she worked closely with some great chiropractors which inspired her to go back to school and become a chiropractor herself! She graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angles, in 1994.

Massage Therapists

Michele Aitken

Michele Aitken

Michele has 25 years’ experience in the holistic healing field and has been practicing massage and cranio-sacral therapy for the last 18 years. Michele specializes in Pre-natal massage, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage. She also practices Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, and Ear Candling. Michele uses Craniosacral therapy for adults and children. This includes special needs children, infants, pre and post natal care, migraines, head and neck trauma, learning disabilities, pregnancy issues, chronic pain, post-surgical pain, posttraumatic stress syndrome as well as emotional issues. She also does integrative allergy clearing. Currently she is working towards furthering her education with a degree in Naturopathic medicine and finishing her book.

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